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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick & Easy Dinner: Mushroom & Shrimp Linquine

Whenever I'm in a rush to get dinner on the table and into the tummies of my loved ones, I always turn to pasta dishes.  Being a mother of 3, I don't always have time to be spending hours in the kitchen. As much as I'd like to it's not always possible. I usually always have pastas on hand as well as prepared pasta sauces (however, I do make my own sometimes) and of course veggies, and frozen shrimp or chicken. I actually made this last week for our meatless Friday dinner. All I did was boil the pasta (I like mine al dente, so I threw in the pasta into the boiling water for 7-8 minutes tops), sautee the mushrooms with chopped onions in olive oil and butter, pour in the alfredo sauce, threw in some parmesan cheese and some pesto as well as whatever seasonings you want to add. While that's heating up on low heat, I steamed some brocolli and heated up the garlic bread in the oven. I went back to the sauce and added some shrimp that I usually buy in bulk at Sam's Club, then I added the linquine. Make sure if you're adding cooked shrimp, to add it in at the last minute when you're about to turn off your heat. You don't want the shrimp to be tough or rubbery. Dinner was served in under half an hour. :)

What are your favorite easy dinner dishes?


  1. Damn that looks good :) One of my fav easy dish is Baked Ziti!! YUM!!!

  2. Sheryl: omg i love baked ziti! gotta make that next. ;)

  3. It's so easy to get creative with Pasta and you're right, it's pretty fast to make too.

    This looks really yummy!

  4. Ohhh this looks soo delicious. I need to get back into my pasta groove. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Linguine is my fave! ;0) Looks soooo delish!!

    BTW-- Your makeup looks are amazing! I love em! Had to follow both blogs AND "like" your FB fan page. Keep up the great work!!! I look forward to all the eye candy and posts!

    PS-- I believe the follow button for my page is on top left!!

    Thanks, women! <3

  6. omg I love to cook too! anyway, babe thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I did put my follower gadget on the side bar. sorry, I just started blogging so I'm still trying to figure it all out still. keep in touch and take care love!xoxo

  7. Rice and stew with plantains or lasagne or better yet, cereal! lol