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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Facebook: The good and the bad

Good afternoon my beautiful ladies!

Okay, so this isn't going to be a full on "rant". Maybe just a semi-rant. Maybe.

I've been on Facebook for over 2 years now. I used to be very active on the #1 social networking site. To the point where, I would check it every chance I could. In fact, I had a "facebook routine". Immediately after logging in, I would read through my newsfeed until the last one that I remembered reading already. I would comment on status updates, 'Like' the photos that I really liked that were newly uploaded, write on my friends' walls just to say a quick "hello" if I haven't heard from them in a while, post pictures of food porn in my 'Cooking Mama' album, and I was always sure to say Happy Birthday to my friends who had a birthday. You name it, I did it. I even had my Farmville days. (yes, i know lol). It was so bad that I set my alarm so I could harvest my crops immediately. LMAO. I ain't gonna lie. But yeah, it was that bad. Thankfully, the Farmville stage didn't last very long lol.

I've tried to keep my facebook profile more personal, adding only people I really knew. I didn't want it be a whole Myspace episode again where I added everyone. I've been absent from Facebook recently and most of my friends noticed. I'm just tired of the stupid crap that people put out there. It's like, really? Are you serious??

The Bad

- People put wayyyyy too much information about their personal lives on facebook. And when I say wayyyyy too much information, that's exactly what I mean. Honestly? I don't really care to hear about your "man" that is continuously cheating on your or treating you like a doormat. But yet you do nothing but stay and whine and complain. Not only that, you are continuously getting knocked up by this dude. Have you not learned your lesson? Or just close your legs, how bout that? These people just don't know when to stop. Or at least talk about something else! The worst part about this as that you will see them update their status with something along the lines of, "I just wish people would mind their own business!" *looks to the left...and then to the right* Are you foreal right now? How in the world can you expect people to mind their own business when you are literally posting your whole life story for all to read and see? I just...don't get it.

- People who go crazy with the whole "checking-in" thing. Personally, I don't mind if my friends tag me here and there when we are out somewhere having a drink or dinner. But there are those who constantly do the 'check-in'. Some people actually do it EVERYwhere they go and I mean everywhere. Even if it's "just checked in 'at home'". omg.

- The ones who post about anything sex-related or pertaining to sex in general. People talkin 'bout how they like it or how big their man's shit is. Come on people, keep that shit between you and your man. Not you and all your friends on facebook. You don't see me going around talking about the shit that I do in bed or bragging about it. I know that we live in a society where sex is plastered everywhere. But I don't think you should just put all your biz out there like that. It's just...not classy. Call me old fashioned but that's just me.

- People who don't think about the things they say or post beforehand. Sometimes people just say shit that totally offends people but they don't even realize it because they always post shit like that so they think okay. Seriously, it isn't that hard to think about what you're gonna put out there for all of your friends and family to see. But I guess if you really don't give a fuck then you obviously just don't give a fuck.

- When people try to add you as a friend just because you have mutual friends. On top of that, you get no message stating who the hell they even are or where they might know you from. There were a few that I added, not knowing who they were and for weeks I never heard from them. I really don't know what their intentions are. It just makes you question them as if they're really just tryna be all up in your biz and be nosey. I personally think it's proper facebook etiquette to at least send a message saying something like "hey remember me?" when trying to add someone. Usually if they don't send a message like that, you'll never hear from them. And trust, those people were eventually deleted.

- Facebook is always 'upgrading' this or 'updating' that. They really need to just stick with something because I like consistency. I don't like having to figure something out when it was so simple and easier before. They also have glitches here and there and at one point I wasn't receiving any of my messages, which got me into trouble because people thought I was ignoring them (more drama) lol.

- I don't like that everything you post on your friends' walls is shown on your profile. I don't understand why they made it that way. If I wanted everyone to see what I was saying to my ONE friend, I would post it as my status!

I think there are more but I'm having a brain fart lol.

The Good:

- I love facebook for allowing me to keep in touch with all my friends and family, near or far.

- I like being able to find out what's going on with my friends and family just by reading their status updates or seeing pictures of my family that I haven't seen in years.

- I like being able to share my recipes with everyone. Who doesn't love food porn?

- Facebook is the next best thing to google. If there are new acronyms that I'm not aware of, I'll just ask and get an answer within minutes lol.

- I like that almost everyone and every thing has a facebook page and you can 'like' it to stay up to date with everything that's going on.

The number one reason why I use facebook is to keep in touch with family and friends. I doubt that I will close my account due to the things I mentioned above that irritate me. But I just had to vent. So thanks for listening! lol.

Are you guys on facebook? What are your thoughts about it? Positive and negative?


  1. HAHAHAHA Farmville. I was the same. Zynga Poker & Cafe World too! FML.

    I can't stand the check-in's too! I think that's super stalker status. And I completely agree with the people who try to add you "just because." I have so many friend requests but if I don't know you at all or we've never talked in my life then I'm sorry. DENIED. I have this dude who I have mutual friends with & IDK who the hell he is. He's tried to add me over 10x. WTF. BLOCK lmao.

  2. bahahaha!! omg cafe world!! and baking life...LOL! girrrrl u crack me up!

    okay cool, good to know there is someone out there who feels me on this stuff. seriously, even if you do add them, chances are they won't write on your wall to say hello or even a 'thanks for the add'. they'll just be nosey lmao.

    damn people. smh. lol!

  3. Hahah i agree on everything you just posted! Well said! :)